Video Lessons that Teach Kids Creativity & Kindness


Meet Crumbaker & UNC

Co-Anchors for Planet Ringbeller's Nightly News, their beat is Imagination: a rare energy source found in earthlings that's in danger of disappearing. 

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Some Guests our Creators Have Interviewed 

Here are some amazing grownup difference makers we've gotten the privilege of interviewing before, the kinds we’ll feature in Ringbeller! 


Finally, a Character Development Program for the Modern Classroom


Easy to Use

If you can press play you can use Ringbeller. Period.

Teacher Friendly

Created for teachers by teachers, spend less time prepping and more time capturing students’ imaginations with bite-sized videos and discussion prompts.

A Competitive Advantage

Ringbeller teaches 21st century skills the next generation needs to compete in the modern workforce such as creative problem solving and social emotional acumen.

A Flipped Approach

Ringbeller blends digital learning with collaborative discussions and exercises that empower teachers to become mentors and facilitators.

K-5 Focused

Our first lesson series is geared toward 3rd & 4th graders and will be available in Spring 2019 with a plan to create a full K-5 collection by 2020. 

Common Core Compatible

Our lessons support Common Core standards for Comprehension & Collaboration.


Kids deserve to imagine more for themselves.


Help fight bullying, depression, self-harm and ignorance. Support this project and take part in raising a generation of humans who create kindness.